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General Questions
General Questions
Faculty Questions
Student Questions
Why are we moving to Canvas?

After careful consideration, thorough evaluation and valuable input from the community, the LMS Working Group recommended that the college transition from Moodle to Canvas for our Learning Management System (LMS) with the key benefits of this move including a more intuitive user interface, mobile friendly, an easier gradebook and ultimately lower cost over the next 5 years.

Is it the right time to move?

While change can be difficult, considerable time was spent gaining insight from our community on what they wanted from a learning management system. A mobile friendly platform is one of the items that rose to the top and to best support our students in today’s learning environment it’s imperative that we have a mobile first approach. In addition, we were able to secure pricing that made this the right decision for the college at this time.

When will implementation begin?

The Educational Technology team has already begun the process of backing up Moodle courses and setting up the Canvas environment. The first group of faculty will begin to offer courses in Canvas during the Spring 2024 semester.

What is the app experience?

Canvas offers an intuitive mobile application for Faculty and for Students. We encourage you to download the app and experience it for yourself.

When will we begin using Canvas?

The first semester of use (Spring 2024) will be a limited scope pilot. We hope to have 15-25 instructors using the platform during the first semester. We will use this time to iron out issues before Canvas is the default LMS for the Summer 2024 terms (including Maymester.)

By Fall 2024 Canvas will be the default LMS for all courses.

What training opportunities will we have?

We are creating a self-paced course in Canvas that includes curated resources to transition from Moodle to Canvas. All instructors will be enrolled into this course automatically.
We are planning a series of open workshops where people will be able to explore the different features and functionality of Canvas. These will be open to any St. Norbert Faculty.
We will have extended times for one-on-one appointments with our Instructional Designer, Director of Educational Technology, and Instructional Technologist to provide personalized support.

We are also creating a series of documentation for Canvas to be in parity with and expand the subject matter of our Moodle documentation.

When will training happen?

We will work closely with all of our Pilot instructors starting as soon as the end of November 2023. A lot of our training work during this period will focus on the instructors who will use the platform for the Spring semester.
During Spring 2024 we will widen our training scope to more people, but focus on those who are teaching in Summer 2024.
We think Summer 2024 will be our busiest training time, so we will focus on delivering our workshops and individual meetings then.

How do I pilot Canvas before we move all of our courses into it?

Please reach out to the implementation team if you’re interested to deliver your Spring 2024 course(s) through Canvas.

Will my courses be migrated from Moodle to Canvas?

We will migrate any course shell from Moodle to Canvas when asked by the instructor of the course.
No course shells will be migrated automatically.

If you would like a course migrated, please reach out to the implementation team,

Can I learn how to use Canvas without being a pilot instructor?

Absolutely! Please attend any and all training opportunities we are providing, and setup one on one appointments with our team to receive focused training on things that are concerning to you.

What is the mobile app experience like?

The dedicated “Canvas Teacher” app allows instructors to view, edit, and engage with course material.

We like the Speedgrader feature.

When will I lose access to Moodle?

You will be able to teach and engage with Moodle through the Spring 2024 semester.
All of our courses, content, and student submissions will be backed up, and can be made available in Canvas upon request.

Where will my historical Moodle course shells reside? Archive?

We have taken a backup of all Moodle courses with content. When the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms conclude we will take a backup of those courses, too.
Those backups reside in a secure archived location, and can be pulled for restoration upon request.

When will I begin to use Canvas?

You may begin using Canvas as early as the upcoming Spring semester.
Certain instructors will use Canvas in Spring 2024, so you might be using Canvas and Moodle for a semester.
All courses will have a course shell in Canvas starting in Summer 2024.

Will my Moodle course material be available after Spring 2024?

Moodle will not be available to use after Spring 2024, but all course content and student submissions will be backed up.
If you need access to a course resource, please submit a request to the ITS Servicedesk, and we’ll work with you to pull relevant information.

What is my mobile app experience?

The “Canvas Student” app allows you to engage with your courses on your mobile device.
The functionality within the app allows you to submit assignments, setup notifications, check your Canvas grades, and chat with instructors.

The mobile app experience was a large contributor to our decision to move to Canvas.

What do I do if I need help?

You can always contact the ITS Service Desk ( if you need assistance.

The people implementing this project sit in the first floor of Cofrin and would love to help you with any issue you encounter, or any questions you have.

Canvas FAQ

Canvas implementation frequently asked questions.

Submit any questions or concerns you have with the Canvas Implementation.